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Our Ministers:

Pastor Vance Rosete
Pastor Jofrey Rabanal
Pastor Laki Kaahumanu
Reverend/Kahu Moki Nahaku
Reverend Tino Rosete
Reverend Jim Heumann
Reverend Gail Ann Ellingson
Reverend Annie Green
Reverend Chris Cain
Reverend John Kuamo'o

Pastor Vance Rosete:

Rev. Vance Ali'i Rosete was born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui by his parents, Valentine "Tino" Sr. and Winona "Nona" Rosete, with his three brothers: Vince "Buddy", Valentine "Tino" Jr., Vinton, and his sister, Venus. Rev. Vance is a dedicated and committed husband and father, married for over 17 years. "Commitment" is the word he gives to those newly-wed couples; for it is through commitment, that love can be validated. Rev. Vance started in the wedding industry as a musician. He knew he had been called by God to enter the ministry. In 1999 he was ordained as a minister of the Gospel, and became an associate Pastor of Harvest Chapel, Church of God. Later, Rev. Vance ventured out and started his own, non-denominational, Christian ministry, and New Passion Ministries was born. In November of 2002, New Passion Ministries began a church, where family and friends gathered to worship God. Rev. Vance feels so honored and blessed to have been given the privilege to join two people, before God, in Holy Matrimony. Although he has performed hundreds of Wedding Ceremonies and Vow Renewals, he sees each one as being unique and special. Each and every ceremony he performs is truly sincere and heart-felt. He can make the most nervous grooms and brides feel comfortable with his warm and gentle spirit. He is ... "Aloha". In December of 2003, Rev. Vance, his wife Cameo, and his children, moved to Alaska. After approximately 2 years, and the passing of his Beloved Mom (September 13, 2005), he is returning home to continue the work that God has created him to do, through New Passion Ministries. His desire is to live his life in service to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He also hopes to honor his mother, who always encouraged him in the Faith; to trust in God, and to never give up. Though he misses her deeply, he is assured that one day they will be together again... forever in Paradise. "...In this life, I was loved by you."

Our Warmest Mahalo,
Pastor Vance

Pastor Vance Rosete

Pastor Jofrey Rabanal:

Pastor Jofrey Rabanal has performed many wedding ceremonies throughout the United States, Hawaii included. He feels very fortunate to be part of Hawaiian wedding traditions which include lei exchange ceremony, sand ceremony, conch shell blowing, Hawaiian chant/prayer and ukulule instrumental. He said, "Seeing two people coming together and sharing their love and commitment to one another is a very exciting experience." He is very moved when the groom actually sheds tears of joy during the ceremony. He feels honored to have the privilege in being part of your very special day. He performs both religious and non-religious wedding ceremonies.

Our Warmest Mahalo,
Pastor Jofrey

Pastor Jofrey Rabanal

Pastor Laki Kaahumanu:

Pastor Laki "Pomakai" (meaning "blessed") Kaahumanu was born and raised on the island of Maui. His lineage is of Royal decent: Queen Kaahumanu, favorite wife of the great King Kamehameha, the one who united the Hawaiian Islands, was his great great grandmother. Queen Kaahumanu brought Christianity to her people in the 1820's and Laki has followed in her footsteps, becoming the minister of Harvest Chapel Church of God in 1992 and also establishing a shelter. He is well known all over Maui for his open heart and helping hand. Over the years him and his wife have adopted 16 children and have cared for so many more. In 2006 Laki followed the Lord's calling and spent two years in Las Vegas, helping and curing as much as he could. He returned to Maui and has founded the "church on the go", becoming an Evangelist. It is truly an honor to be married by this sprititual leader who has brought so much happiness to our Ohana (family) and will make you a part of his. To Laki his Hawaiian heritage is at the core of his heart which is why he likes to share his Hawaiian traditions and ceremonies with you.

Pastor Laki

Pastor Laki Kaahumanu

Rev. Tino Rosete:

Born and raised on the beautiful island of Maui, Rev. Valentine (Tino) Rosete truly represents the spirit of Aloha. Tino, having been ordained through New Passion Ministries and having been a dedicated family man for many years, has built his life upon a foundation of love and devotion that is matched only by his commitment to providing the most heart-felt wedding ceremonies. Whether presiding over a large ceremony or simply joining a couple in matrimony on a secluded beach, Tino approaches every interaction with the individual attention and respect that it deserves. And though he’s married hundreds of happy couples with his Hawaiian Non-Denominational Christian ceremonies, he continues to treat every new ceremony as a new chance to pour his sincerity and passion into every word he speaks. Tino feels truly blessed to do what he does, and he derives no greater pleasure than in the sharing of his faith and his Aloha spirit.

Written by Josh Shepherd

Rev. Tino Rosete

Rev. Moses W.T. Nahaku:

Rev. Moses Nahaku, also known as Pastor Moki, was born and raised in Kona, Hawaii. He came from a musical family; his father was a musician and his mother was a hula dancer. Pastor Moki was playing in a band when he was nine years old. He speaks Hawaiian, Japanese and English. His multilingual skills would later benefit him when he entered the wedding ministry. To him, it has been a privilege to minister on the Island of Oahu for the past twenty years. He has performed and renewed marriage vows for the past seventeen years. His fondest memory is of his in-laws' 50th wedding anniversary/vows renewal. To Pastor Moki, every wedding is unique and special. Many couples had come from afar to seek for a special day that would be cherished for the rest of their lives. He is truly blessed to be chosen as part of their special moments. He spends the time to counsel each couple to be sure that he does what is expected of him as a minister. Rev. Moses Nahaku is the lead pastor of Aloha Ka Hale Pule (The Church of Love). Together with his family, he is in a traveling church band known as "Still Kickin' It Christian Style" who performs for a TV show and other churches. He also composes his own music. He said, "It keeps me busy."

Mahalo nui loa,
Pastor Moki

Pastor Moki Nahaku

Rev. Jim Heumann:

A Hawaii resident for 40 years, Rev. Jimmy spent the first 27 years as Capt. Jimmy, operating charter boats and private yachts in Hawaii and thru out the south pacific. Performing weddings at sea was just one of his many responsibilities. Coming "ashore" 12 years ago, he has since focused on performing weddings at most of Hawaii's premier wedding chapels and outdoor venues. Rev. Jimmy brings a sense of spirituality blended with traditional values to his services, sprinkled with an island style flavor. Well versed in English, Japanese, Hawaiian, Hebrew and traditional Filipino services, he still finds time to "get wet"- surfing, free diving and sailing. Rev. Jimmy encourages couples to be part of the planning of what goes into making up the wedding ceremony.

Aloha no ~
Rev. Jim Heumann

Rev. Jim Heumann

Rev. Gail Ann Ellingson:

Rev. Gail has been a Minister and Hawaiian Wedding Officiant since 1993, offering wedding, vow renewal, and other ceremonies ~ always filled with the essence of Aloha. Each is personally written, welcoming betrothed couples to experience that mystical, magical feeling that permeates these Hawaiian Islands. She deeply respects all Faiths, Truths and Traditions, is often available on short notice and at any location all islands wide, in a Minister's Robe, or Hawaiian attire. Rev. Gail creates very unique ceremonies, one that includes 2 personal phone interviews, one with the bride & one with the groom to be, then weaves your true life Love story entitled, “Once upon a time…”, to be shared as part of your ceremony. (by special request) She co-creates for you a sacred space ~ for the spot where you will declare your Love for your Beloved. She will bless your wedding site, and you will feel embraced with Love.

“Love gives meaning to everything. One of my greatest joys is blessing the union of two human beings in love.”
Rev. Ellingson

Rev. Gail Ann Ellingson

Rev. Annie Green:

Rev. Annie Green has been a minister for over 15 years and performed many ceremonies, including weddings, commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows. Her loving presence will enhance your glorious day with grace, flexibility, ease and serenity. She performs both religious and spiritual ceremonies tailored to your requests. She is available for ceremonies on short notice if needed.

Rev. Green

Rev. Annie Green

Rev. Chris Cain:

Rev. Chris Cain would be honored to officiate your wedding or vow renewal ceremony. He has been a licensed minister in Hawaii for over 14 years. During that time, he has ministered over hundreds of non-denominational weddings at chapels, hotels and beaches all over Oahu. His goal is to help each couple relax and enjoy their special day. He customizes the wording of each ceremony so that it reflects the bride and groom’s true feelings. Some couples want a romantic, spiritual wedding. Others want a ceremony based on their faith in the Lord. Inclusion of family or Hawaiian themes are other popular requests. Let him know what is important to you and he can draft a special ceremony for you.

Aloha no ~
Rev. Chris Cain

Rev. Chris Cain

Reverend John Kuamo'o:

Born in 1962 and raised on the island of Oahu, Reverend Kuamo'o is one of Hawaii’s beloved Wedding ministers of Hawaiian descent. The Kuamo’o family is from Puna on the Big Island. University of Hawaii Graduate, member of the "Theatre Historical Society" and "League of Historic American Theatres", former Theatre Organist, recipient of numerous awards for outstanding accomplishment in Wedding Video and Documentaries, Reverend Kuamo’o enjoys spending his free time with garden scale model railroading of the old "Oahu Railway and Land Company". Reverend Kuamo'o has been a steadfast part of the Hawaii Wedding scene since 1985.
Non denominational Christian Weddings are generally offered along with non religious weddings.

"Performing the union of two people here in Hawaii in this most majestic setting for love and romance is one of the most gratifying feelings in the world." --- Rev. J. Kuamo’o

Rev. John Kuamo'o

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